Spotlight Investment: Gemphire Therapeutics

Spotlight Investment: Gemphire Therapeutics

Novel drugs developer to treat unmet medical needs of patients with high cardiovascular and pancreatitis risks with goals beyond those of current therapies.

Grand Angels® will make investments that will have a positive effect on our region through business growth, job creation, and the attraction and retention of local talent.

Investments with impact will be the result of engaged, experienced business leaders providing both capital and wisdom to entrepreneurs.

Growing Businesses

Through mentoring, strategic advice, expanding networks and connections to customers, management and venture capital, Grand Angels investments fuel the entrepreneurial economy of innovative companies throughout Michigan. Grand Angels typically invests from $250K to $1M in early-stage companies.

Grand Angels has been key to creating a vibrant life sciences cluster in West Michigan through leading initial angel investment rounds in young biotech companies such as Tetra Discovery Partners.
Dr. Mark Gurney, PhD, Chairman & CEO Tetra Discovery Partners