Ablative Solutions

Tim Fischell, MD

Developing a safe, out-patient renal denervation in the treatment of hypertension and other diseases resulting from overactive sympathetic nerve activity.

Accio Energy

Jennifer Baird

Developer of a “turbine free” wind power generation system which generates electricity using wind and charged water mist from flat, wind-permeable, and highly manufacturable panels deployed in large-scale arrays. This novel and patented approach to renewable power generation has potential to lower the cost of offshore wind by 50% or more, making unsubsidized offshore wind power cost competitive with new generation capacity from traditional fuels.

Accuri Cytometers

Accuri Cytometers launched its first product, the Accuri S6 Flow Cytometer System, in 2006.  The product design results in a compact, light weight and robust instrument, making it possible for the first time to adopt a low cost, through-the-mail service strategy.  Accuri’s performance specifications match those of the best selling conventional cytometers, but is priced within the purchasing authority of most researchers.

Advanced Architectural Products (A2P)

Matt Krause

Developer of the SMARTci System which is an innovative, complete insulation solution. SMARTci is a universal attachment system for various claddings and can be used over multiple surfaces.

Altus Brands

Gary Lemanski

A family of companies manufacturing innovative products for the outdoor enthusiasts.

Ambiq Micro

Fumihide Esaka

Leading developer of energy-efficient timing chips and micro-controllers that solve demanding system requirements for battery life.

Armune BioScience, Inc

David Esposito

A molecular diagnostic company formed to commercialize unique technology and develop diagnostic and prognostic tests for prostate, lung and breast cancers.


Nathan Owen

Software development company specializing in implementation, support and software products for enterprise systems management.

Conceivex, Inc.

Michael LaVean

Conceivex is a company conceiving new ideas in reproductive health care. The Conceivex mission is to give women/couples health care products that will assist them in reaching their reproductive goals.

Gemphire Therapeutics

Mina Sooch

Developer of novel drugs to treat the large unmet medical need of patients with high cardiovascular and pancreatitis risk who are unable to reach goals with current therapies –initially targeting rare orphan indications.

Gemcabene (their lead drug) has the potential to provide significant additional LDL-C lowering and anti-inflammatory benefit when added to existing LDL cholesterol-lowering medications for patients with very high cholesterol as well as high triglycerides.

Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing

Tom Ross

Grand River is currently serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as a contract manufacturer of smaller volume production of Clinical trial materials, and small scale commercial injectable sterile products. This company offers sterile formulation and filling of vials in liquid and freeze dried configurations. The company also produces liquid prefilled syringes.


Christine Gibbons

Histotripsy, developed at the University of Michigan, is a non-invasive soft tissue ablation modality that mechanically homogenizes target tissue resulting in complete cellular destruction. As a non-thermal modality, histotripsy ablates tissue with no thermal injury. The liquefied tissue is absorbed or voided without remnants or scarring. The first histotripsy clinical application will be an office/clinic based system for non-invasive, image-guided benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) treatment.

Local Orbit

Erika Block

Sales and business management tools for the New Food Economy; connecting local buyers and sellers with shorter, transparent supply chains.

Micro-LAM Technologies

Deepak Ravindra

Micro-LAM has designed the only patented laser-diamond tool that heats and softens materials making them easier to machine.  The technology improves productivity and quality, minimizes waste and reduces tooling costs for such industries as optics, semiconductors, glass and metals, enabling companies to be more profitable.  Manufactured in Battle Creek, Michigan, Micro-LAM’s hybrid laser-diamond cutting tool is the only one of its kind.

Prism Analytical Technologies

Lester Keepper

Prism Analytical Technologies has two existing services businesses, air quality testing and FTIR testing. The air quality testing business provides lab certified air testing for residential and commercial properties. The FTIR testing business uses the FTIR analytical instrument to test air emissions on-site at industrial stacks that are regulated by the EPA. Prism’s high growth opportunity is MAX Technology, a platform technology that integrates today’s FTIR instrument with patented software and hardware add-ons to disrupt broader analytical instrumentation markets that total over $3 billion

ProNAi Therapeutics, Inc.

ProNai Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company .  Their novel DNAi drug PT2258 is designed to target sequences that reside in the non-coding regions of the genome and block transcription in the nucleus, thereby silencing the gene of interest at the source.  DNAi therapeutics have the potential to treat cancer and other genetic diseases with an innovative and targeted approach.

Reconstruct, Inc

Mani Golparvar

A visual production management platform for construction projects.  Using images captured with drones or ground cameras, integrated with building information models, it provides project teams with easy and quick access to actionable construction performance analytics with an online interface that is accessible through commodity smartphones and tablets.  The platform detects and communicates performance problems and offers insight on potential delays so that project teams can prevent delays before they surface on jobsites.

Salamander Technologies

Russ Miller

Homeland Security leader in personnel accountability – providing systems for tracking 1st Responders, Volunteers, and Victims at incidents or large-scale disasters.

TECAT Performance Systems

Ron Rath

TECAT Performance Systems designs and manufactures the smallest, lightest, most power efficient wireless sensors available which are used to gather information from previously inaccessible point locations. The system can measure torque, temperature, pressure, acceleration, power and other characteristics with unsurpassed accuracy.

Tetra Discovery Partners

Mark Gurney

Tetra Discovery Partners’ research focuses on developing new treatments for depression, mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Varsity News Network

Ryan Vaughn

Varsity News Network increases exposure and recognition for high school athletes, and empowers students interested in media to gain experience in the field.

Vestaron Corporation

John Sorenson

Vestaron is developing a new generation of insecticides derived from peptides produced by spiders.

Zipments (Deliv)

Garrick Pohl

Zipments, recently acquired by Deliv, is the delivery-your-way logistics company. Using the most up-to-date technology for mobile dispatching and routing, Zipments efficiently manages a nimble, mobile workforce with minimal costs and overhead. The result is a national-local delivery infrastructure that promises both precision in delivery and cost-effective last mile solutions.