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Grand Angels members invest in the companies of entrepreneurs that will have a positive effect on our world.

We have built a solid reputation for thoughtful, collaborative engagements with entrepreneurs. Our financial, social and intellectual investments guide entrepreneurs, provide mentorship and networking, and create economic development throughout Michigan.

The members of the Michigan Capital Network affiliates, Grand Angels, Ka-Zoo Angels, Flint Angels, and Woodward Angels, are individuals who have succeeded in their own business ventures and have time, finances and expert advice to offer local entrepreneurs.

Angel investing is a collaborative process paired with an individual investment strategy. Membership in our affiliates is extended to accredited investors who share our vision for an entrepreneurial ecosystem and to those who will actively contribute to our process.

The advantages of investing through an angel band are numerous:

  • Sharing the cost of due diligence and legal support
  • Capitalizing on the depth and breadth of domain experience among our members
  • Standardized processes and term sheets
  • Deal flow is encouraged and entrepreneur-friendly
  • You pick and choose the deals you like
  • Great camaraderie among like-minded individuals

Several members have chosen to participate in Venture Fund III, a traditional venture fund, which is currently open to new investors.

Members of Grand Angels, Ka-Zoo Angels, Flint Angels, or Woodward Angels must be accredited investors as defined by the Securities Exchange Commission, willing to invest in companies presented, attend regular meetings and events, assist in the due diligence process and mentor entrepreneurs. Additional details and expectations of our members are available by completing the following form:

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